Over the years we have received a great many letters from satisfied clients.  The lovely comments they have written make our job truly worthwhile and we are very grateful to them all for taking the trouble to write.  We have reproduced just a few on the following pages.

Arthur C Towner Ltd: Client testimonials

“Please convey my thanks to everyone involved for the way everything was carried out so beautifully in what really is a most difficult job. Your firm’s professionalism and care were major contributions towards making the day easier to bear for both myself and my family.” – Mrs M A “You made the whole process from start to finish a very easy process. You didn't push myself or my stepfather into anything we didn't want. You conducted your meeting with professionalism, warmth and empathy in a non-patronising way. It was a lovely service and I know Mum would have approved. Thank you for making a difficult time into a beautiful memory.” – Ms K P “To everyone at Towners – I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all you have done for my family during this difficult time. All the way through there’s been nothing but absolute support and help and it made a hard situation that much easier to cope with. The funeral was exactly as Dad wished, and with such care, dignity and respect we feel that we really were adhering to his wishes. I don’t really know what to say except thank you so very much, once again.” – Miss EW “Yours is not an easy job, but your consideration and quiet efficiency helped make a daunting task much less traumatic for us. Your choice of D W to lead the service was an excellent one.” – Mrs M I “Thank you so much for the sensitive and efficient way in which every aspect of my Dad’s death and funeral was handled. From the removal of Dad’s body, through to the actual funeral itself, we were met all along with gentleness and kind respect and we are very grateful to everyone concerned.” – Mrs V L “A personal, heartfelt thank you on behalf of my wife and I to all your staff for the kindness, care and help in the arranging of my mother’s funeral. We feel you have done her proud and that she has gone out in style.” – Mr D M “Words cannot express our gratitude at the care and kindness shown to us during the most difficult time of our lives. We both took great comfort in the knowledge that our precious daughter was safe in your care until the time of her funeral. Thank you once again.” – Mr & Mrs B And lastly, a letter from a member of the local clergy, The Reverend Penelope Wilcock:

Funeral testimonials, continued:

Dear Ed, As you know, I particularly enjoy the experience of working with the Towners team when I have to conduct a funeral.  It occurs to me that people only take the trouble to get in touch, usually, either because they have a specific grumble or a general ‘thank you’.  I expect that, like me, you are always interested in people’s comments and responses, so that you can use them to help you get better at what you do.  Sometimes it’s helpful to know what you’re doing right as well as what you’re doing wrong.  So I thought I’d put down on paper why I like doing funerals with Towners. 1)  I like it that you are kind and imaginative.  I have always noticed that Towners staff are very understanding of bereaved people – who sometimes behave in funny ways!  And I also notice that you take time and trouble to get things right for people.  For example, I remember Judy, when {name} died, going to every length to track down his auntie who was on holiday.  People often remark to me about the time you have spent with them, and the understanding way you have listened to them. 2)  I like it that you get the details right.  The actual funeral feels organised – exactly, not approximately – and you are clear about how you want things done.  Your timing is good.  Also, if any details go wrong, there is never a sense of panic, and you take responsibility for it, and you don’t pass on to me or to the bereaved people any of the logistical problems that can so easily arise(!) 3)  I like Towners’ sense of style.  Recently I took a funeral in a chapel that was all of 50 yards from the funeral director’s office.  I wanted him to walk ahead of the hearse along to the chapel, but no, it was too much trouble, all the traffic etc, etc.  And he wouldn’t give me an hour from the start of the funeral to the start of the committal.  I found myself thinking in a tetchy sort of way, ‘I wish Towners were doing this …’ 4)  I also like the feeling I get, that your staff like people.  They are pleasant and friendly, and don’t moan about things or snap at each other.  I come away from one of your funerals feeling that this has been a positive experience. I have worked with various other funeral services in the area.  There is one funeral director who, though a basically kind and goodhearted chap, is deeply suspicious of human nature, and seems to regard every funeral he takes with a sort of gloomy apprehension.  There is one funeral service where the director is kind and caring, but is not imaginative: his funerals lack that certain something – no panache!  Two funeral services I worked with arrived late, or flustered.  One kept his hearse revving loudly outside through half of the service, and eventually drove off.  One funeral service refused to allow bereaved parents to carry their stillborn baby to chapel in the limousine.  And every time one of these things happened I found myself thinking, ‘I wish this was Towners …’  A couple of weeks ago I received confirmation of a funeral and the letter with the details, through the post, 20 minutes before the funeral was due to start.  Tearing it open in haste to check I had everything right just before I left the house, I got a bit of a fright because the letter gave the starting time as 15 minutes earlier than arranged!  Eek!  Thank you that your letters always come in advance – and that there always is a letter.   Now anyone can make mistakes I know, but in general it is true that Towners look after the whole event in a way which is more relaxed, more thorough, more considerate and more efficient. And that’s why I enjoy working with you. With love, Pen And one more thing!  Probably because you have several women on the staff I don’t have any of the patronising sexist jokes, comments etc that come from some other firms.  So, thank you.
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